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About Mami

AyamAyaman is an illegal business owned by MAMI AYAM in chicken world. Her main business is chicken trafficking, illegally ‘distribute’ her ‘chicks’ to fulfill human desires of chickens. MAMI AYAM covered his illegal business as a beauty salon, which in fact is her lab to ‘dress’ her ‘chicks’ to meet the demands from the humans who ordered them. In human world, MAMI’s business is simply a cafe at Jalan Tubagus Ismail Raya 5c, Bandung.

All the chicks from AyamAyaman are ensured to be high quality as MAMI AYAM promise to give these values to the humans:

AyamAyaman offers homemade, freshly prepared fast-food with fresh ingredients.

  1. AyamAyaman provides the original taste through her secret recipe.
  2. AyamAyaman committed to pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene in daily operation and processing food.
  3. AyamAyaman will give the best service to our customers, Mami Ayam service.


About Mami

Business Hours

Sunday - Saturday 00:00 -23:45